FUE for women



The hair loss in women is generally produced by anemia ( low blood count) , mineral and vitamin deficiency , hormonal imbalance , thyroid disease , pregnancy , lactation, etc. Induced causes. In the treatment of hair loss in women cause of hair loss the first needs to be fixed . Therefore essential to dermatologists , internists must be consulted during the treatment of hair loss in women , before one opts for a hair transplant . If the cause has been eliminated for the hair loss , the hair usually grows back failed within a year.

The individual phases of hair transplantation in women and men run from the same. Women are not impressed by shaving the hair from visual reasons. For this reason, comes in women during hair transplantation in the extraction phase, a different method is used. Instead of shaving off all the hair , the hair is raised in a 2-2.5 cm wide and 15 cm long area between the ears and shaved off and removed the hair grafts with the micromotor from this area alone . After removal of the extraction region is concealed by the raised hairs. Within a week after surgery, the wound healing in this area has been completed and after a month the person can barely feel for the removal area by hand.

After removal, a channel is opened without shaving the hair in this area of the required area with very fine Slits . The only difference in this phase is that the long hairs are in this area . It takes a week until the transplanted region looks normal again . The hair that will turn out in three weeks , three months after grow again . It goes for about a year , until the quality and appearance of the transplanted hair match your own hair. During this period, supporting a mesotherapy can be made or taken vitamin tablets .

The visual benefit of this hair transplant method is that your hair does not have to be cut short . The most important disadvantage is that, for a session 800-1000 grafts can be removed.

Special hair treatments for hair lost by women

How long does the treatment take?

This type of treatment lasts for about 3 or 5 hours. You might need to spend 2 days for complete hair transplantation, in general. However, this might vary
from person to person. Please send the photos listed below to info@medicaltravel.net address via e-mail, so that we can plan your treatment:

A front look of your slightly lowered head

Profile look

Top view

The area where the hair roots are picked (the back of your neck)

Once the photos are received, our doctors will inform you about whether your hair is suitable for a hair transplantation, which method is better and how many grafts you will need for a satisfactory result.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.