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Turkey has a good reputation in heart surgery

The increasing number of cardiovascular diseases is among the top causes of death and their diagnosis and treatment should be performed by experienced physicians in fully equipped hospitals with advanced medical technologies.

The Heart Care Centers of the Acıbadem Hospitals Group compete on a world class level to provide the most modern heart care in Turkey. Acıbadem uses state-of-the-art technological equipment for the early diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

With an emphasis on the life-saving aspect of early diagnosis, Acıbadem Heart Care Centers put specific emphasis on the use of advanced technology in diagnostic instruments Among the diagnostic instruments used are the 2×64 Cross-Section Dual Source Computerized Tomography capable of performing cardiac angioplasty in six seconds, the PET CT enabling detailed imaging of the heart, and the Flash CT. The Flash CT is the fastest tomography instrument in the world and is able to perform cardiac angioplasty in 0.25 seconds, while also emitting the lowest level of radiation in the world.

PetCT Technology in Istanbul

Medical Performance Indicators
Since 2002, the Acıbadem Hospitals Group has been inspecting its medical and administrative performance through performance indicators. Patient safety and satisfaction as its top priority, Acıbadem views the scores it obtains in heart care -and all other branches- as a guide in providing better patient care.

– The “Euroscore” criteria states expected mortality rate in open heart surgery as 3.8%, while the percentage at Acıbadem is 1.6%.

– The “Euroscore” criteria states the expected mortality rate in coronary bypass as 2.7%, while the percentage at Acıbadem is 1.0%.

What is Euroscore?
Operations on seniors, diabetics, or patients with a history of heart attack, heart surgery, contraction and expansion disorders of the heart, and malfunctioning of the kidneys, liver, and lungs face higher risks in operations. Various risk scores exist for an objective evaluation of the patient taking such factors into account. In these scorings, weighted risk numbers are calculated. “Euroscore” is the most commonly used scoring system,

Comprehensive Cardiac Care at Acıbadem Health Care Centers
Acıbadem provides a high standard of modern diagnosis, treatment, and support services for adult and pediatric cardiovascular diseases.

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