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Kucukkuyu- perfect place to get some rest


DOGA DENİZ Dialysis center has been established in 1996 in Çanakkale center under management of Çanakkale State Hospital. The Enterprise has taken place in today’s contemporary region in Küçükkuyu/Ayvacık Çanakkale in 2015 with its experience of 21 years.

Vacation dialysis is one of our main services that we provide for patients on vacation in holiday destination ‘’Çanakkale’’.

For kidney patients, vacations with their families are essential for health. Regular vacations recover emotional and physical status of patients and make them feel better.

Our hygiene and health standards are in compliance with Central Europe rules.

Our expert doctor and care team keeps you informed and accompanies you in dialyses in our center.

In order for vacationer patients to reach the dialysis rhythm in their homes, we allocate many treatment stations in our center for them. For flexibility you are recommended to make early booking for high season.

Current doctor reports of our patients are needed for treatment start up.

Legal health insurance corporations undertake dialysis costs nearly up to 6 weeks per year for our patients in Germany. We recommend our patients to obtain their cost declarations from legal health insurance corporations before coming to vacation. If you are insured from a legal health insurance corporation in Germany, we can obtain cost declaration of your insurance corporation for your and calculate directly with your insurance corporation at the end of your vacation without charge.

In this therapy process contemporary technique takes on the important functions of the kidney. During the process patient’s blood is taken from the body with the aid of a dialyzator and cleaned from materials, minerals, excess liquids and wastes which are ejaculated with urinary tract.

In order for cleaning the blood in a treatment period suitable for the patient (approximately 4-6 hours) 300 ml blood volume per minute shall be taken. As this is not possible over a normal arm vein, patient needs acentral dialysis catheter or a dialysis shunt. Besides, with a short operation a vena and an artery are combined at antecubital and thus arteriovenous fistule is formed. Attention should be paid for not using dialysis shunt after surgery and waiting it to “mature” for 6 weeks at first stage. In tough vein diseases generally artificial vascular prothesis are needed.

We are applying hemodialysis and using the newest dialysis methods in our center for over 20 years.


  • 20 + 1 units of which 18 Gambro,
  • Fresenius 3.2 Device hepatitis C, hepatitis B devices with extra Behandlungsra 1 am
  • 1 Gambro JWP 60 devices with online operation
  • 44 kW generator
  • Cooperation with renowned I Ekol laboratory
  • State cooperation with the hospital in Edremit, Radiology
  • Air Conditioned is Waiting area
  • Laundry LCD TV, Wireless, Security Window System
  • 2 Shuttlebüss with air conditioning


  • Air conditioned free service. Please pay attention to route of our service
  • Comfortable and air conditioned waiting rooms
  • Techical qualified treatment beds
  • Breakfast and lunch determined by our nutritionist
  • For late hour treatments snack and beverage service for our patients
  • Free WİFİ, LCD TV, satellite broadcasting
  • Laundry
  • Cooperation with known laboratories
  • Cooperation with Edremit State Hospital/ Radiology
  • Security service and camera system for your security

DOĞA DENİZ dialysis center works with reputable Ekol Labor together.

Kucukkuyu is a small town in Ayvacık district of Çanakkale Province. It is a coastal town at the north shore of the Edremit Gulf of Aegean Sea. The Greek island Mitilini is at the south west. The Ida mountains of the mythology is at the north. Distance to Ayvacık is 25 kilometres (16 miles) and to Çanakkale is 95 kilometres (59 miles). The population of Küçükkuyu was 8012 as of 2013.

Küçükkuyu and surrounding is full of ruins of antiquity. According to legend, Zeus watched the battle of Troy from an altar near Küçükkuyu and Aphrodite discovered a source of healing water in Küçükkuyu. The present settlement was founded by Yörüks (nomadic Turkmens) and later Turkish refuges from Balkan countries also settled in Küçükkuyu. Küçükkuyu was declared a seat of township in 1989.

Waterfall near Küçükkuyu
The original economic activity of Küçükkuyu was olive agriculture and fishing. But now the town is a touristic town and services to tourists constitute another portion of town revenues.

Very simple. You fly to Istanbul (on the European side) and take either a inland flight (about 45 min.) or a bus drive (about 5 hours).

We also offer special conditions by hotels in Kucukkuyu and help you by a travel reservation. The trip can be also organised by yourselves.

Contact us today for all questions. We assist you with pleasure.