General commercial terms and conditions of MedicalTravel GmbH


Our services only and solely include flight reservations, hotel reservations, appointment scheduling with the hospital and eye doctors as well as transportation and organization services. It is not our responsibility to make sure that scheduled travels are performed or not. We are not an intermediary travel organiser. As a result of the services reserved, contracts are signed with the travel agencies, airline agencies, hotels, hospitals and transfer companies. Whether the services we only mediate are performed is not an element of our contract based obligations.

Information and prices on the service provider we mediate completely depend on the information the relevant service provider gives us. For the services we mediate, we are not responsible for that the services are accomplished properly.

We do not accept any responsibility particularly regarding that the medical institutions do not meet their treatment requirements. It is the patient alone who determined about the type of medical treatment. We do not accept any responsibility about the treatment mistakes in particular. Surgery, surgery related pre-examinations and medical checks, all kinds of medical services, additional and similar services are second hand services we mediate. The client signs an agreement with the hospital regarding this part of the trip.