My laser eye treatment in Antalya-Turkey via Swisslasik – Bericht vom Thursday, 02. August 2012

My laser eye treatment in Antalya-Turkey via Swisslasik – Bericht vom Thursday, 02. August 2012

written on August 2nd, 2012 Thursday
I decided to get rid of my eyeglasses as they were really disturbing and restricting me. However, I had to look for the alternatives as laser eye surgeries are so expensive that I cannot afford in Switzerland. I found several hospitals on laser eye surgeries abroad.

My first impression on Swisslasik’s website was that it was professional as they were constantly organizing briefing nights where you can ask any question to the operating doctors and receive information without feeling any obligation. It was also trustworthy to see that it is possible to have the pre-examinations in Switzerland. It was also possible to see the costs via the clear and exact price list on their website. I contacted with Swisslasik via e-mail very quickly and easily.

I also decided to have laser eye treatment at a hospital in Antalya, so that I was going to be able to combine it with my summer holiday in Side/Turkey.I set my appointment via e-mail and everything was organized including our arrival, return, surgery, nightly stay, pre-examinations and medical checks. They also answered the questions in my mind. It was possible to get in touch with Swisslasik in a very easy and simple way.

Before my travel, I was given my Swisslasikpass, a very useful guide including all important information, phone numbers, very useful information on the country, touristic places.Two days before the surgery, my translator called me in order to inform me about what time I was going to be driven to the hospital and the daily plan.

Driver picked me on the day of surgery and drove me to the hospital. I was welcomed by the translator. He told me about what was expecting me that day and he was there with me all the time in order to translate everything. Then pre-examination started. Everything was explained in details. When the pre-examination was about to start in the noon, we went to lunch with 5 other patients from Germany. At around 15.00, my surgery started and as I was very well prepared for the surgery, I exactly knew what was coming. For both eyes, the surgery took 20 minutes in total. I felt no pain during the surgery and I just felt a slight pressure on my head afterwards. I slept for a couple of hours. I was very shocked to see that I had no pain other than the feeling of pressure on my head. In the evening, I was able to read the first text messages on my cell phone without my eyeglasses :-). I had my medical check in the next morning and everything was alright. Then I was given an information page including how many times I was supposed to use the eye drops and what I should be careful about the following weeks after the surgery. Then the driver took me to my hotel.

For the first 2 days, I had to wear sunglasses as my eyes were light sensitive. I was very glad that I could live without wearing sunglasses and I am still very happy. I felt like I got free from a huge burden, I got free from those disturbing eyeglasses. I believe I am in good hands at the hospital working with Swisslasik in Antalya and I can recommend that place to anyone.

Urs Köpfli from Wohlen AG- Switzerland had a surgery in Antalya on July 20th, 2012