PRP treatment



What is PRP?
PRP is used to promote a more rapid healing of wounds and more rapid hair growth after a hair transplant. Treatment with PRP is intended to help the weak hair follicles, which tend to precipitate, to revitalize. It was observed that the hair in the treated area is less thin in patients treated with PRP and the hair shafts be thicker.

By patients who had a PRP treatment after their hair transplant surgery, the healing process is faster. The red spots and scabs appearing after the procedure go faster away, hair growth and the capacity of the transplanted hair follicles is higher.

PRP is the patient’s plasma with an increased percentage of thrombocytes. PRP is basically like having your own blood before the operation. As the patient’s blood is used, no immune responses were observed. PRP does not cause allergic reactions.

PRP is for your hair transplant in Turkey

How is PRP proceeding?

  1. About 10 cc of blood are taken.
  2. The blood is transferred in a sterile environment in a particular device in order to increase the number of platelets in the plasma volume.
  3. The cells are separated by centrifugation and the platelet concentration in the blood plasma is increased by a multiple.

The proportion of platelets in PRP can be increased by this method at the 4- 8 times. Studies have shown that its positive effect on the hair follicles is dependent on the growth factors in the platelets.

How is PRP applying?
The PRP is injected subcutaneously under the scalp. The injection is painless and of short duration (2-3 minutes). The patient can go about his normal daily activities immediately; there is no swelling or bruising.

Whom PRP can be applied?
Anyone who suffers from seasonal or genetic hair loss and whose hair has become thin and weak can be treated with PRP.

PRP in Hair Transplantation
PRP in hair transplantation takes three functions:

  1. Increase the vitality of the hair follicles after a hair transplant (FUE with PRP)
  2. Faster recovery after a hair transplant
  3. Vitalization and stimulation of hair follicles transplanted after a hair transplant.

It takes some time before the samples taken from the donor site follicles are transplanted to the recipient site. It is important to maintain the viability of the hair follicles in that period. For this, the extracted follicles are stored refrigerated in a specially prepared solution.

A new method PRP is added to the storage solution or the hair follicles are washed directly with a PRP solution, the positive effect is immediate. A PRP injection has a positive effect on the viability of follicles from; it accelerates wound healing and stimulates the hair follicles for hair growth.

PRP has side effects?

It is the patient’s own blood for the PRP used. Allergic reactions or infections are excluded. It is the same principle as the donation of your own blood.

The effect of PRP treatment may be different for each recipient. The PRP treatment has a supportive effect; the expectations should be realistic for the time after treatment. Treatment supports only the physical recovery.

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