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MedicalTravel offers you the opportunity to have your eye surgery in Acibadem hospital where the most well-known and reputable laser eye surgeries take place.

The modernist eye laser clinic of Turkey

Acibadem hospital has been granted an accreditation certificate by US JCI (Joint Commission International) determining the international quality standards in terms of health .

This system is a measurement determining the quality standards on patients’ health in international hospitals and it also includes comprehensive criterias to be followed. Acibadem hospital is one of the largest and most modern private hospitals in Europe meeting the requirements of these criterias.

In addition to the first class equipment, hygienic conditions and experienced refractive surgeons, Acibadem hospital has the Wave EYE Q, the latest technology of WaveLight ALLEGRETTO company based in Germany. Therefore, the institution is in the technically safest state, as well.

Acıbadem hospital guarantees a high quality treatment in every aspect as it has been meeting the highest expectations of its patients for years thanks to its successful treatments.

By offering a sterilized laser treatment in a hygienic atmosphere, Acibadem hospital has the best patient treatment rooms. Patients feel safe and in peace here thanks to a dual air conditioning system as well as a multiple circuit uninterrupted power supply. And these features provide maximum security.

In Acibadem hospital, only the patients who are undoubtly considered to be available for a Lasik surgery are operated. Briefing the patient in details is an indispensable and the most important element for the continuity of trust and the success of the treatment.

The latest technology devices are used to treat sight deficiencies

ALLEGRO Topolyzer
Femto Laser Technolas

Details on teh devices are here.

Acibadem hospital offers a life time guarantee to its patients. And a secondary surgical operation is done without a fee.

The patient’s needs are always prior to anything. And that means that not the financial criterias but the best treatment methods are the main criterias.

Your caring doctor

Dr. Banu Cosar. She is one of the bests as she has successfully completed more than 10.000 laser eye surgery so far.

Dr. Banu Cosar also worked at Wills Eye Hospital in USA. Her educational background dates back to the years she studied in Hacettepe University which is one of the most reputable universities in Turkey and Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital,. She is currently the assistant professor in Ophthalmology in Acibadem Eye Treatment Center. Dr Cosar is one of the best eye surgeons in Turkey and she personally trains several new surgeons.

In addition to her experience and practice, she also has more than ninety articles and abstracts published in international media and books. She is regularly invited to the international conferences as a speaker and she has also been writing articles in two ophthalmology magazines. Her interviews were broadcasted in several TV channels.

You may read her resume here