Dental treatment


MedicalTravel also offers the best dental treatment in the best dental clinics in Istanbul, Antalya and Kusadasi.

Compared to other countries, dental treatment has become very expensive in Switzerland, Germany and Australia. For patients who are no longer tend to accept long periods of waiting and excessively expensive prices in the aforementioned countries; there is a very wise alternative: It is possible to have a dental treatment with a 50% or 70% saving in Turkey; besides, same treatment methods and equipment in Switzerland are used.

We gladly help you get treated in one of the best dental clinics in Turkey. We also deal with your flight and hotel reservations, upon request. You may find detailed information here.

At the Dental clinic we have been cooperating in Zurich city, you can get your pre-examinations without any commitment. Cost estimate and x-rays are digitally sent to MedicalTravel; therefore, we can provide a better briefing on your treatment process and costs. You may find detailed information on pre-examination possibilities in Zurich city here.

Why Istanbul, Antalya and Kusadasi?

  • These cities have become global centres for health tourism. Thousands of patients travel to Turkey in order to be treated in an environment of quality with cheaper prices, every month. Well-known hospital groups such as John Hopkins have also branches in Istanbul.
  • Doctors in the cities do business abroad and they also study abroad as a part of their education. They have an active voice in the field of global medical developments.
  • In addition to advanced and ultimately modern health institutions, Istanbul, Antalya and Kusadasi also offer a number of touristic places. Cultures are associated with the West and the East. As you will not spend your whole day at the hospital, during your treatment; you will have a lot of time to visit these lively world cities. You may find detailled information of Istanbul here.
  • Turkish people are very hospitable towards tourists; this will add an extra joy to your accommodation.