Tummy tuck



Abdominoplasty – tummy tuck

Abdomen is the most problematic part of many women and men. Everyone desires a flat belly they can be proud of showing.

Diets or more than once surgery causes abdomen to have a saggy look and thus the skin cannot regain its previous elasticity. Diet helps you lose weight but the skin surplus remains.

Abdominoplasty is a surgical operation applied on the abdomen and thus surplus skin and tissues are removed. With this application, you can have a new, thin and fit body look.

Pre-surgical period

You must not take aspirin or sleeping pill and avoid drinking alcohol at least for 7 days before the abdominoplasty surgery. Aspirin and other pain killers will cause a delay in blood clotting time and that may result in undesirable bleeding.

Smokers must stop or minimize any nicotine consumption 4 weeks before the surgery in order not to risk healing process.

The course of surgery

Abdominoplasty surgeries are done under complete anaesthesia. It requires staying in the hospital for one or two days.

In order to remove the extra tissue, a long cut is applied to the bikini line. The scar might be hidden by a bikini or swimming suit, later on.

Skin is separated from the muscles below and sometimes surplus skin is used to lift the abdominal wall, depending on the case. Along with this, additional fat tissue may also be absorbed via suction.

In abdominoplasty application, the abdominal skin is completely drawn down and therefore the belly button has to be lifted up during the surgery. Once the operation is done, the wound is stitched and a bandage is applied to provide protection for the first days of the post-surgical period. While the patient is still in narcosis, compression underwear is worn.

Tummy tuck operations must be performed only from very experienced doctors.

Post-surgical period

Stitches are removed two weeks later than the surgery but the compression underwear has to be worn for about four or six weeks.

Final results can only be seen after a couple of months later.

Your advantages

Abdominoplasty gives you thinner and fit body look.