Face-lifting in Turkey


As a natural result of getting old, wrinkles around the face and neck increase.

The skin loses its flexibility, muscles became relaxed and thus skin surplus occurs.

This is a very natural progress and many people are actually younger than they look.

As it does not have an effect on eye and forehead areas, face lifting is often applied together with a forehead lift and/or eyelid correction or these are applied later on.

Your face-lifting will be performed only from top quality surgeons

Pre-surgical period

You must not take aspirin or sleeping pill and avoid drinking alcohol at least for 14 days before the surgery. Aspirin and other pain killers will cause a delay in blood clotting time.

Smokers must stop or minimize any nicotine consumption 4 weeks before the surgery in order not to risk healing process.

The course of surgery

Face-lifting operation can be applied via local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia.

It is not necessary to shave the hair. In order to have invisible scars, the surgeon carefully cuts in hairy areas or between natural face lines as much as possible.

Subcutaneous tissue, that is muscles, is removed from fat and collagen tissue. Thus, it becomes possible to correct different tissues now: extra fat is absorbed; muscles and tissue bonds are remodelled via very thin fibres.

After the correcting the tissue, skin is replaced and surplus skin is cut via section line. Once these are all completed, the wound is stitched.

Post-surgical period

You may stay in the hospital for a couple of days after the surgery.

Once the operation is done, the drainages are placed in order to avoid blood and tissue fluid output. A bandage is applied to protect your head for a couple of days.

Your skin will be a little tight at the very beginning. Swellings and bruises are expected.

About two weeks later, you may go back to your daily life.

Stitches are removed at least two weeks later than the surgical operation and scars disappear in time.

Final results appear a few months later.

Your advantages

face-lifting application rewinds the time up to a few years. You have a younger, fresher and more attractive look.